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My apologies to REM, but that song always runs through the back of my mind during major life transitions. Monday was my last class at GSLIS, yesterday I turned in my last assignment, and next Wednesday is my last day at my GAship, with graduation on Sunday.


Everything continues to fall into place. As mentioned before, an article I wrote for an independent study last semester (“Podcasts as an Emerging Information Resource”) is being published in College & Undergraduate Libraries . I discusses the use of podcasts in higher education and what that might mean for academic libraries and their collection development policies. Maybe I should followed it up with “Podcasts as an Information Resource in Rural Libraries”?

For now, though, we have 9 days (counting today) until the graduation company arrives. In that time, we have to finish packing and tie up all the other loose ends in C-U.

Our move has prompted my mom to get Internet at home again. I did the research for her and we went to Best Buy to pick up a netbook, wireless router, wireless printer and such. The entire set-up ran about $700 and she’ll be using Skype video chat to stay in touch.

It truly is the end of the world as we know it when one of my parents uses Skype video chat! (Mom, if you find this blog, I mean that in a good way!)


Patrick on the BloomerWe’ve signed a lease, found someone to take over at our current residence (lease wasn’t up until August), obtained a 618 telephone number, and packed most nonessentials. One by one, items are being checked off of the to-do list as moving day approaches. GSLIS graduation is just-over two weeks away, and my start date at Smithton is one day less than three weeks from now.

Also, I was pleasantly surprised when I checked my email today that a paper I wrote has been accepted to College & Undergraduate Libraries.

A fellow hates to say it, but things are going well.

As GSLIS faculty seem sadistically eager to point out, being a library director is a BIG responsibility with A LOT of things happening at once … it may even be overwhelming! Gee, thanks. I hadn’t thought about that.

Actually, I had already visited the bowels of the stacks looking for a few books on library management and small libraries that haven’t come across before in class. Oh, they needed to be recent too. I have no need to even skim chapters about wether or not this Internet thing is ever going to take off.

Three of the titles I picked up are by GSLIS alum Judith Siess: The Visible Librarian, The Essential OPL, and The OPL Source Book. OPL stands for One Person Library, which Judith is an expert on. However, her books deal mainly with corporate libraries. Besides, I have five paid staff members. I’m not exactly a One Person Library. I also picked up The Thriving Library by Marylain Block, The Small Public Library Survival Guide by Herbert Landau, and Small Libraries by Sally Reed (though it dates from the early 1990s).

Any suggestions from the peanut gallery?