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Well … so much for any regularity to the updates! Needless to say, it has been a busy summer.

At the library, the summer reading program went very well, I started an ongoing genealogy program, organized and cleaned out our storage spaces, introduced a few other organizational changes to make things a little smoother, bought some furniture, worked to bring the library up to speed in a few paper-work areas, and generally learned the ropes (which I’ll still be learning this time next year, I’m sure).

Outside of the library, I accepted an appointment to the ILA Advocacy Committee and was asked to submit an article for an upcoming issue of Library Trends.

Additionally, our second son was born July 5.

So – busy.


Almost as a rule, librarians love acronyms/initialisms and associations. What’s even better is that, as a rule, associations are known by their acronyms/initialisms!

Enter ARSL – The Association for Rural and Small Libraries. This association, an affiliate of ALA, was founded in 1982 and works to “create resources and services that address national, state, and local priorities for libraries situated in rural communities.”

Browsing the website, I can see that ARSL’s annual conference may be of interest, but its member-benefits are otherwise a little lite. With ILA, PLA, and potentially YALSA all vying for attention, I can’t say whether ARSL will be able to count me as a member anytime soon. However, it could be nice to be a member of an association whose other members share the particular joys and challenges of rural librarianship.