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As GSLIS faculty seem sadistically eager to point out, being a library director is a BIG responsibility with A LOT of things happening at once … it may even be overwhelming! Gee, thanks. I hadn’t thought about that.

Actually, I had already visited the bowels of the stacks looking for a few books on library management and small libraries that haven’t come across before in class. Oh, they needed to be recent too. I have no need to even skim chapters about wether or not this Internet thing is ever going to take off.

Three of the titles I picked up are by GSLIS alum Judith Siess: The Visible Librarian, The Essential OPL, and The OPL Source Book. OPL stands for One Person Library, which Judith is an expert on. However, her books deal mainly with corporate libraries. Besides, I have five paid staff members. I’m not exactly a One Person Library. I also picked up The Thriving Library by Marylain Block, The Small Public Library Survival Guide by Herbert Landau, and Small Libraries by Sally Reed (though it dates from the early 1990s).

Any suggestions from the peanut gallery?